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Cava Stone Porcelain Paving

Cava Stone from Vitripiazza is a unique range of porcelain flagstones which are perfect for those wanting to achieve the look and finish of natural stone paving, with all of the performance properties of porcelain. Cava Stone offers a porcelain alternative to the popular grey and buff natural sandstone flagstones.

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Colour Bodied Porcelain: Colour match to the surface colour which is visible through entire product.

Rectified: The edges are machine cut after firing, giving a consistent size with 90 degree angles allowing for minimal joint widths and crisp lines.

Product Specifications
Product - External Use Thickness
Nominal Weight
per pack (kg)
Nominal Coverage
per pack (m²)
Number of Pieces
per pack
900x600mm 20 1020 21.60 40

Cava Stone Colour Options

More About The Cava Stone Range

For installation guidance, please refer to our Guide To Planning & Installing Vitripiazza.

  • Natural stone finish
  • Colours reflect the popular 'York Stone' & 'Kandla Grey' natural stone materials
  • Rectified edges
  • Available in 2 colour options
  • Colour-bodied porcelain

We recommend you visit the Vitripiazza Knowledge Hub for further product information and guidance before any purchase.