Vitripiazza offers the ultimate in Italian-inspired luxury. Our range of porcelain flagstones and porcelain cladding includes solutions for external patios and driveways, internal tiles and wall cladding.

With over 47 different colours across 16 beautiful ranges, you are certain to find the porcelain solution you are looking for whatever your budget, style and aesthetic may be.

Beyond their beauty, porcelain paving flagstones offer several remarkable practical benefits.

Due to their manufacturing process, which binds molecules together, porcelain flags are non-porous, which means liquid and air cannot pass through them.

And because they are resistant to water absorption, they are very easy to maintain. Unlike other natural stone and concrete materials, they also do not require any sealing to achieve a desirable and practical finish.


Vitrified paving is manufactured with a combination of minerals and clay, including feldspar and quartz, and fired at 1200 degrees Celsius to make it extremely hard and durable. Here are just some of the benefits of vitrified porcelain paving from Vitripiazza:

  • Strong and hard-wearing: Resistant to salt and acid with higher resistance to algae and mould, Vitripiazza porcelain has low water absorption and is frost-resistant.

  • Slip Resistance: All external Vitripiazza products are classified as having low slip potential with the R11 rating, making them safe for families.

  • Vitrified Porcelain: All of our ranges are vitrified porcelain which is quality-assured with specifications to suit all styles & budgets.

  • Natural Beauty: Each porcelain slab offers a varied colour blend, with numerous patterns to reflect natural landscaping materials.

  • Higher Stain Resistance: The low porosity of vitrified paving means that spills and general soiling are less likely to soak into the flag, making them easier to clean and highly resistant to staining.

  • Bring The Outside In: In addition to 16-20mm thick flagstones designed for external use, some of the Vitripiazza ranges have matching 10mm thick tiles for internal use, to enable continuity of floor design from home to garden.


We have a variety of specifications for you to choose from to suit your project and budget. For a detailed explanation of our specification types visit pages 5 & 6 of our Guide To Understanding Vitripiazza.

Rectified: The edges are machine cut after firing, giving a consistent work size with tight tolerances, allowing for minimal joint widths and crisp lines.

Non-Rectified: The flags are fired and then batched into work sizes. Individual batches are supplied as one work size. Minimum 5mm joints recommended. Please check the packaging for consistent batch and work size information before opening and allow for variable joint widths.

Matching Internal Options: Some of our ranges have matching internal options available to order, please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

Available To Order: Some of our ranges are non-stocked and available to order, please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

Colour-bodied Porcelain: For those where both style and budget are a consideration retaining the assurance of excellent technical properties.

For further information on Vitripiazza, we recommend you visit our Knowledge Hub.