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Installation & Aftercare

The Pavetuf range boasts a wide selection of products to help install, protect and maintain your new or existing porcelain flagstones. To assist with the installation of porcelain paving, we offer;

Installation Products: Including tools, a priming slurry and various jointing options for different paving types and uses. We also offer edgings and channel drains to add practical finishing touches to your installation.

Cleaners: From daily general cleaning to heavy-duty cleaners, our Pavetuf range boasts a wide range of products designed to tackle staining caused by various factors/

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Getting The Job Done Right!

To assist with the installation and aftercare of your porcelain paving, our Pavetuf range offers:

  • Tools - Squeegees & Cutting Blades
  • Priming Slurry - To help secure the paving onto its mortar bed
  • Jointing Options - 2 different types available
  • Adjustable Risers - An alternate paving installation method
  • Cleaners - 5 different types available, all suitable for porcelain paving
  • Edgings - To form a structural restraint or separate various landscaping materials
  • Drainage Channels - Providing a decorative channel drain and grate option

The view the full Pavetuf range, please visit the Pavetuf website.