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Cleaning & Maintenance

As you know by now, one of the main advantages of Vitripiazza is its low maintenance properties and high stain resistance. However, to keep it looking ‘as new’ some looking after may still be required. Don’t forget your joints/pointing are often what will show the weathering first and take away from that shiny new appearance!

We recommend you brush your paved area regularly as well as cleaning it from time to time. Ensure you use a normal bristled brush when sweeping your paved area, as wire brushes could damage your pointing and even possibly, scratch the tiles.

The Pavetuf range of Cleaners offers an extensive range of specialist cleaners boasting 12 different options which have been designed for general every day use, through to removing specific stubborn greasy stains. To browse the full range of Pavetuf Specialist Cleaners, visit

For everyday cleaning of your Vitripiazza, take a look at our Pavetuf Porcelain Cleaner.

For full cleaning and aftercare guidance, we recommend you read the Guide To Understanding Vitripiazza.