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If there’s one feature that instantly makes a garden feel more inviting, it’s a seating area. It’s the perfect place to unwind, have an al-fresco evening meal, or gather your friends and family to socialise.

Whether it’s a small, large or cornered space, the seating area is the heart of most gardens, so it’s important that the area feels welcoming, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


To inspire your next project, we have listed a range of garden seating area ideas and detailed how you can recreate them in your garden.


Just because you have a small area to entertain, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor space. There are countless ideas that can transform your small garden seating space into a tranquil utopia, with compact furnishing that will help you fully utilise the space.

Start small and source garden furniture that is going to look appropriate for the size of the area, a two-seater garden table and chairs offers enough room for you and a partner or friend to relax and enjoy the weather or a meal together. By filling the space with a large table or oversized garden furniture, you will be at risk of making the space seem too cramped.

It’s also worth facing your furniture out onto the rest of the garden so you can appreciate the views, adding a decorative table planter will enhance the space further too. In need of more inspiration? You can check out our recent blog which showcases a range of small patio ideas.

Anno Avorio
Anno Avorio

An awkward space shouldn’t prevent you from building a seating area you can enjoy with friends and family. By working with the space in question, you can assemble a seating area that provides enough room to entertain and relax with others.

In the example above, the seating area has become an extension of the patio floor by using Vitripiazza Anno Avorio porcelain paving for the seats, firepit and floor. This works well to elongate and align the two areas, while taking advantage of the awkward angles.


Anno Pantera
Anno Pantera

Family gardens don’t need to compromise on style, but they do need to cater to more tastes. Whether you have young children, teenagers or adults that have now flown the nest - you will need an outdoor seating area that will appeal to everyone and help your family to congregate and socialise when you do get together.

A U-shaped bench, like the one featured in the above project, provides an open space to conversate, while a chic, covered seating area allows you to enjoy family meals outdoors in the warmer months.


When designing a garden seating area, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to flooring materials. Those looking to upgrade their garden, usually require a versatile space that can be used to bask in the sun or entertain guests,so how do you choose the best flooring? Below we outline the benefits of some of the most popular materials:

Piranha TerraFuzion
Piranha Composite Decking - TerraFuzion

If you’re looking for a raised space in your garden then decking may be the best option for you as it is a versatile material to build upon and can be erected in different heights.

The durable material can support the weight of a large seating area, among other furnishings and plants. The only downside to a natural timber deck is that it can look weathered over time, needs upkeep and generally has a lower life expectancy than paving or resin. Composite Decking, however, keeps its style and elegance with a longer lifespan than natural timber decking. Check out Piranha Composite Decking, offering a range of finishes and colours, providing the aesthetics of natural timber decking without the maintenance.


It’s no secret that the majority of gardens require plenty of upkeep, from de-weeding and watering plants to mowing and raking, your outdoor space needs regular maintenance. If you’re looking to reduce your garden task list, then paving may be the best choice for your seating area.

Bellezza Riva
Bellezza Riva

For a low maintenance option, porcelain paving is the way to go, as it exudes a contemporary look that’s also low maintenance. As a material, porcelain is weather-resistant, strong, durable and doesn’t fade - it’s also easy to clean and maintain too. Porcelain’s anti-slip properties also make it a top choice for spaces with high footfall - such as garden seating areas.

You can choose from simple and traditional designs and textures that can be paired with all types of furniture and often porcelain complements its surrounding features. For inspiration, browse our product range which showcases different colours, shades and textures.


There is an extensive range of layouts and patterns you can choose from when laying paving, which can also help you to differentiate your garden from its seating area. Choose imaginative layouts and unique shapes to create a bespoke garden patio space.

If you’re set in stone for porcelain paving, then it’s recommended that you consult with a professional installer before setting out on a patio renovation project. If you’re going down the DIY route, ensure you double-check the batch number and shade reference before starting and setting out string lines as a guide before laying.

Our Guide to Planning & Installing Porcelain Paving provides in-depth instructions to help perfect your process.


Now you’ve got your garden seating area floor covered, it’s time to think about the furniture you will be using in your design. Depending on what style you’re trying to achieve, furniture can enhance your overall design and help emphasise your concept and theme. Here are some of the most popular furniture choices:


When it comes to garden furniture, rattan is a firm favourite in the UK. Year on year, the timeless garden furniture continues to be sought-after for patios and outdoor seating areas.

If you’re looking to create a cosy garden seating area, then rattan is an ideal choice as the stylish furniture can be accessorised with comfortable outdoor cushions and throws and can be easily paired with candles and lanterns.

As it’s a sustainable material, the furniture is one of the best for environmental reasons. Rattan can also be used in all climates and withstand harsh temperatures, the only disadvantage is that it will require regular maintenance and cleaning.

Albero Deriva
Albero Deriva

Bistro style seating is the perfect option if you’re looking to bring a Parisian touch to your patio. The traditional outdoor furniture dining set is usually made of decorative cast iron and metal, while some of the more contemporary sets are made from wood.


Whatever your style or size of your garden, you can design a luxurious outdoor seating space that’s fitting to your taste. Take a look at some inspiring themes for your garden seating area:


Although the UK is partial to bad weather, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach to your back door. Good weather in Britain comes at short notice, so it’s always best to stay prepared and take advantage of the occasional sunshine.

Transform your garden seating area into a beachside retreat with sun loungers and complement it even further with sandy coloured porcelain paving, like the Bellezza Riva range, which will make you feel like you’re in a beach side Mediterranean retreat.

Anno Avorio
Anno Avorio

A minimalistic garden seating area doesn’t have to be boring - with the right foundations, furnishings and accessories, a minimalist design can be contemporary, stylish and a tranquil place to unwind.

For this design, neutral colours tend to be the most popular as they’re easy on the eye. In the project above, modern, white furniture is paired with a neutral egg chair, well-pruned foliage, white stones and very light grey porcelain Anno Avorio paving, to provide a calming and tranquil space.


If you’re looking for a bolder space to socialise, then a maximalist design might be more fitting for you. Less is definitely not more in this case and it’s all about eye-catching furnishings, accessories and garden features.

The above design incorporates monochrome throws and Aztec cushions, bold accessories, bright colours and large plants to create a maximalist effect. Despite being a vivid design, all the elements work in cohesion so the garden seating area doesn’t feel cluttered or overpowering.


Hopefully this article has left you feeling inspired and ready to embark on your garden seating area project! Don’t forget, we stock a range of installation products that will help you construct your perfect garden seating area. Alternatively, if you’re on the lookout for a professional, you can find an installer using our ‘find an installer’ page.

For further inspiration, don’t forget to check out our ‘Be Inspired’ page which showcases a range of captivating garden seating designs.

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