About Vitripiazza Porcelain Paving

Vitripiazza is a new and exclusive range of Italian vitrified porcelain paving.

Vitripiazza offers 24 different colours across 7 beautiful ranges, with a wide selection of accessories to create the perfect finishing touches.

Benefits of Vitripiazza flagstones:

The vitrification process that our porcelain undergoes makes it a robust, high quality, long lasting and strong paving option. Not only do the Vitripiazza flagstones offer a varied colour blend that reflects natural stone, but they also provide home owners with the ultimate choice in durability, longevity and style as they are:

  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to attack from moss, mould and pesticides
  • Resistant to salt
  • Non absorbent (<0.1%)
  • Frost proof
  • Easy to clean

How to buy

We have an extensive network of reputable builders merchants, landscape centres and garden centres across the UK, from which to purchase our products. Simply contact the Customer Service Team on 0330 333 8030 for details of your nearest stockist or visit our website: www.naturalpaving.co.uk/stockists or www.vitripiazza.co.uk

Vitripiazza is available in a range of product options including Project Packs, Single Sizes and Circle Kits. Please see table to the right for these product symbols and what they mean.

Premium Select

In addition to standard pack sizes we offer Premium Select pack size options, allowing smaller quantities to be purchased. Please note that Premium Select products will incur additional handling costs, to standard pack sizes.

Bringing the outside in

The Vitripiazza range is available in 20mm thick flagstones, designed for external use. In order to bring the outdoors in and create a flush finish from your garden into your home, we can also offer Vitripiazza 10mm thick floor tiles in single sizes for internal use.

Project Packs Contain a mixture of various sized flagstones, commonly used to create random patterns. Click here to see the laying pattern
Single Sizes These packs contain pieces of stone that are all one size, which are fantastic for creating a contemporary look.
Circle Kits Pieces of flagstones that have been cut and shaped to make circular patterns, ideal for creating focal points.