Gigantica Vitrified Paving

Designed and manufactured with grandeur in mind, the Gigantica vitrified porcelain slabs are the titan of the Vitripiazza collection. This range offers homeowners two sizes of vitrified paving flagstones and is guaranteed to bring a feel of opulence on a grand scale.

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Italian Porcelain Paving: This product is made in Italy.

Full Bodied Porcelain: The materials in the body of the flag is colour matched to the surface print.

Available To Order: Please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

Product Specifications
Product - External Use Thickness
Nominal Weight
per pack (kg)
Nominal Coverage
per pack (m²)
Number of Pieces
per pack
3240mm x 1620mm* 20 688 10.50 2
2400mm x 1200mm** 20 738 25.92 9

*Available in Cronus, Basaltina, Neroz and Thunder.

**Available in Athos and Ravana.

Gigantica Colour Options

More About The Gigantica Range

For installation guidance, please refer to our Guide To Planning & Installing Vitripiazza.

  • Available in two large paving sizes

  • Luxurious and grand style

  • Italian porcelain paving

  • Brought in to order

  • Full bodied porcelain

  • Suitable for driveway use

We recommend you visit the Vitripiazza Knowledge Hub for further product information and guidance before any purchase.