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Flintana Vitrified Porcelain

Flintana from Vitripiazza is vitrified paving with a difference. This distinctive range is available in two shades and has been designed to reflect flint paving, with a textured finished in a varied colour palette. The intricate and detailed effect boasts unique patterns and nodules that are distinctive and eye-catching.

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Italian Porcelain Paving: This product is made in Italy.

Full Bodied Porcelain: The materials in the body of the flag is colour matched to the surface print.

Non-Rectified: The flags are fired and then batched into work sizes. Individual batches are supplied as one work size. Minimum 5mm joints recommended.

Product Specifications
Product - External Use Thickness
Nominal Weight
per pack (kg)
Nominal Coverage
per pack (m²)
Number of Pieces
per pack
900mm x 600mm 20 1260 27 50

Flintana Colour Options

More About The Flintana Range

For installation guidance, please refer to our Guide To Planning & Installing Vitripiazza.

  • Intricate pattern and texture finish

  • Designed to reflect flint paving

  • Italian porcelain paving

  • Non-rectified edges

  • Full bodied porcelain

  • Suitable for driveway use

We recommend you visit the Vitripiazza Knowledge Hub for further product information and guidance before any purchase.