Southport Flower Show – Q & A

Southport Flower Show – Q & A

At Talasey, we’re committed to the landscaping industry, and dedicate time to working with a variety of professionals, from merchants, landscape professionals and designers to homeowners. Installers to Landscapers and Designers. Every year, we partner up with various Garden Designers and donate various products from our strong portfolio of landscaping brands to enable them to achieve their vision and create show-stopping designs.

This year, we’re supporting Rose Gardens with their unique show garden planned for Southport Flower Show. We caught up Company Director, Chris Rose to learn more about his vision for the show and how he plans to integrate Talasey Group landscaping solutions.


Q: Have you been to Southport Flower Show before?

A: Yes, we’ve participated twice at Southport Flower Show, and it was a great experience – the last occasion in 2016. At both shows, Rose Gardens was awarded Gold for its show garden designs, an achievement which we are extremely proud of. We are very much looking forward to taking part again in 2019.


Q: What are you most looking forward to about the show?

A: The largest independent flower show in the UK, the Southport Flower Show attracts thousands of visitors every year and gives us the perfect opportunity to get our name out there and show people what we can do. With our show garden, we can showcase our skills in designing and constructing stunning landscapes to a high standard.

It will also be interesting to see what other designers have done with their show gardens, and maybe even get the chance to listen to horticultural experts Matthew Wilson, and Michael Perry (aka Mr Plant Geek) – who are some of this year’s celebrity guests.


Q: What are your show garden plans?

A: Our intention is to create a show garden which is both fascinating and technical and shows what is possible when it comes to garden development and design. To achieve this we will harness our skills, horticultural inventiveness and make use of the best available construction and landscaping materials to deliver something truly exciting to the public. We also want to encourage more people to take up gardening as a hobby, or perhaps consider a career in landscaping.


Q: Describe your show garden in 3 words

A: Interesting, memorable and stimulating!


Q: Which Talasey products will you be using?

A: Firstly, for the paving, we will be using a combination of Vitripiazza porcelain and Natural Paving stone materials. The main area will be made up of the Vitripiazza, Flintana paving in the colour Eve to create a distinct and striking look. Whilst the edging will be created using Natural Paving, Ebony weathered cobbles to give it a rustic accent.

For the walls, we will be making use of Natural Paving, Cottage Stone Walling in Carbon Black. In terms of the special feature walls, we will be utilising Vitripiazza, Rok Wall Cladding in Grey to create a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.


Q: How will these products enhance your show garden design?

A: Any developer or designer is only as good as the materials they use. The products available from the Talasey Group, are quality, durable and long-lasting, and offer the ultimate landscaping solution. These materials not only allow me to create a magnificent show garden, but are easy for everyone to get their hands on, including homeowners, so they can develop similar looks.

In terms of aesthetic, I want the show garden to be striking with a modern and contemporary appearance, whilst maintaining a rustic edge. Talasey Group’s range of products and colours enable me to bring this vision to life, and create a lasting impression.


Q: Finally, why did you decide to join Talasey Landscaping Professionals?

A: After we went and visited Talasey House in Doncaster and saw first hand what they have to offer, we signed Rose Gardens up for the scheme. We had a nosy around the warehouse, learned more about the Landscaping Professionals and had a look at Talasey Training Academy – which delivers City & Guilds accredited training to everyone in the industry. It was evident that the company are fully committed to the industry and the needs of landscapers, and focus on delivering high-quality, affordable materials that will stand the test of time.

We’ll catch up with Chris again, post-show to see how Southport Flower Show went and how his garden was received by visitors. Good luck Chris, we can’t wait to see the finished space!