Installation Products

Pavetuf Jointing Grout

An easy to apply tile grout for internal and external use. Ideal for use with Vitripiazza porcelain paving and cladding products, available in a choice of 4 colours.

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Pavetuf Priming Slurry

Pavetuf Priming Slurry is a polymer and cementitious slurry, specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond between a new mortar base and all types of stone and porcelain paving.

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Pavetuf Squeegee

The Pavetuf Squeegee is the ideal tool to apply the Pavetuf Jointing Mortar and Pavetuf Jointing Compound.

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Pavetuf Porcelain Blade

The Pavetuf Porcelain Blade is a specialist blade, designed to cut porcelain.

Blade specification:

  • 300mm (diameter) x 2.8mm
  • 20mm diameter bore
  • OSA approved
  • EN 13236
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To joint any of the Vitripiazza range and create the perfect finish, we recommend a Pavetuf jointing product.
Choose from the Jointing Mortar or Jointing Compound depending on the desired colour and finish.

Pavetuf Jointing Mortar

The Jointing Mortar is a professional, rapid setting mortar which provides a contemporary and effective finish to paved areas.

  • Can fill joints from 3mm-50mm and joint depths of up to 20mm
  • Walk on within 1 hour
  • Drive on within 4 hours
  • Mixes quickly on site
  • Very strong -49.6N/mm

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Pavetuf Jointing Compound

An easy to apply all weather Jointing Compound, available in a range of three colours.

  • Use in wet and dry conditions and in temperatures as low as -5 degrees
  • Use with paving joints as narrow as 3mm and as shallow as 25mm
  • Jointed areas can be walked upon after just 18 – 24 hours
  • No waste, can be re-used
  • Easy to apply, durable and eco-friendly

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Jointing products compared

To help you select the most appropriate jointing product, please refer to our comparison table below:


Product Finish Colours Application
Jointing Compound Granular, traditional Choice of 3; black, grey, buff Simple and relatively quick, 1 person job. Suitable for DIY and trade professionals.
Jointing Mortar Smooth, concrete effect Silver grey 2 person job, suitable for landscaping professionals. Will require a slurry wash off area.