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Pavetuf Green-Off

A powerful cleaner for the removal of algae, moss, leaf staining and organic growth.

Suitable for use on all hard landscaping materials, including sandstone, limestone and granite.

More About Green-Off

Green-Off Cleaner is a high performance, long lasting advanced formula which removes organic growth from hard landscaping surfaces, including porcelain and ceramic. It contains no solvents, acids or caustic soda which means it will not damage the surface of the product. It is particularly effective on areas where algae, moss, fungus and leaf staining occur.

  • Cleans and revives

  • Fast acting

  • Non-acidic

  • Waterborne product

  • Results can be seen in hours

  • Non-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

For further information on Pavetuf Green-Off, including usage instructions and safety data sheets, please visit the Pavetuf Website.

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